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Buyer's Guide > Hydrotherapy


The RejuvaWave FB 100 Hydromassage Table

Sidmar Mfg., Inc.
31530 125th Street NW
Princeton, MN 55371
Phone: (800) 330-7260
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Sidmar Mfg, Inc. announces its 4th generation hydrotherapy table. The RejuvaWave FB 100 is a full-body, dual pump hydromassage table that incorporates all the quality and reliability that has positioned Sidmar as the choice for hydrotherapy in over 6,000 healthcare facilities. Sidmar created the “spine only” RejuvaWave 3 years ago and has field tested its unique, variable-speed, electronic motor control that is used in conjunction with their patented, rugged, stainless steel jet system.

RejuvaWave FB 100 offers a powerful massage, while allowing the patient complete control with its easy-to-use, conveniently located, flexible control panel. For example, the patient could lower the massage pressure on the legs while enjoying a vigorous massage on the upper body, or vice versa. The full-body table is much wider than current models and has a powerful, cervical jet that delivers a deep, penetrating massage. An electronic timer with a memory feature retains your chosen treatment time from patient to patient. An ultra-light nylon barrier keeps the body from hitting the jets, while allowing the patient to rest comfortably on warm water. The barrier also allows spray and wipe cleaning between patients.

Joe Holland, President of Sidmar, says “… the 3-year trial of our first RejuvaWave has proven it to be a trouble-free, reliable product that fits well in our existing line.” Like all Sidmar tables, you never have to change the water; therefore, no draining or cleaning is ever required. The full-body table has a built-in grab bar, which makes getting on and off easy. The 110-volt model sells for $8,499 and provides selectable upper or lower body massages. The 220-volt model allows upper and lower massage, simultaneously, for an additional $500.

Sybaritic ChiroSpa Clinic

Sybaritic, Inc.
9220 James Avenue S
Minneapolis, MN 55431
Phone: (800) 445-8418
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Are you caught in a cash flow crunch because of declining insurance reimbursement? Have you tried alternative practice builders that did not work? Are your malpractice insurance rates killing you? Are you looking for a solution to these problems currently affecting many doctors? Sybaritic™, Inc. now offers a business opportunity exclusively for physicians. The Sybaritic ChiroSpa Clinc is one of the most compelling, yet affordable, medical business opportunities available. The Sybaritic business package will enable you to quickly expand your practice and increase your revenues by adding a turnkey medical spa to your existing clinic. You can simply convert an underutilized treatment room to your aesthetics room, or you can expand your facility and secure your future by adding a suite of medical spa treatment rooms. Either way, you will be able to offer all of the most popular medical aesthetic procedures, and your cost will be comparable to that of many of the single modular, multi-platform systems on the market. Sybaritic provides you with a complete array of proven aesthetic devices and a professional consultative partnership to ensure your success. Included in the Sybaritic Aesthetic MedSPA collection are several high quality aesthetic systems that will enable you to perform over a dozen of the most popular cash up front, non-invasive cosmetic procedures. The comprehensive ChiroSpa Clinic package yields a very short return of investment and includes the following: ChiroPod™, Dermosonic™, Skin Bella™, NannoLight™ MP50, Beauty Gold™, and Oxygen Botanicals™. Tap into a growing segment of the medical field and double your income! The Sybaritic ChiroSpa Clinic is a complete package of aesthetic technology, marketing, business and clinical support, training and professional skincare that delivers proven solutions for immediate success. Let them show you how to expand your practice and help your patients look as good on the outside as you make them feel on the inside.

Aqua Massage International, Inc.
P.O. Box 808
Groton, CT 6340
Phone: (860) 536-3735
>> view profile

15395 Roosevelt Blvd.
Clearwater, FL 33760
Phone: (800) 699-1008
>> view profile

Austin Medical Equipment
1900 S. Mannheim Road
Westchester, IL 60154
Phone: (800) 382-0300
>> view profile

Clinical Health Services, Inc.
Tampa, FL 33684 Phone: (888) 249-4346
>> view profile

Dynatronics Inc.
7030 Park Centre Dr.
Salt Lake City, UT 84121
Phone: (800) 874-6251
>> view profile

Fitness Plus, Inc.
PO Box 446
Valley City, ND 58072
Phone: (800) 729-8922
>> view profile

International Orthopedics
PO Box 2234
Oshkosh, WI 54903
Phone: (800) 321-0104
>> view profile

Kustomer Kinetics, Inc.
136 E. St. Joseph St. #A
Arcadia, CA 91006
Phone: (800) 959-1145
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402 BNA Drive Ste 500
Nashville, TN 37217
Phone: (800) 662-7283
>> view profile

Quality Health Products, Inc./Superfeet
P.O. Box 433
Indiana, PA 15701
Phone: (800) 834-7058
>> view profile

360 Veterans Parkway Ste 115
Bolingbrook, IL 60440
Phone: (800) 747-3488
>> view profile

Sidmar Mfg., Inc.
31530 125th Street NW
Princeton, MN 55371
Phone: (800) 330-7260
>> view profile

Sybaritic, Inc.
9220 James Avenue S
Minneapolis, MN 55431
Phone: (800) 445-8418
>> view profile

Vonco Medical
1625 W Crosby Rd Ste 120
Carrollton, TX 75006
Phone: (800) 972-6461
>> view profile