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Buyer's Guide > Topicals > China-Gel, Inc.

China-Gel, Inc.

Company Profile

Developed by a chiropractor, China-Gel is a herbal topical pain reliever that incorporates modern technology with the ancient pain relieving concepts of Chinese medicine. Chiropractors can combine China-Gel with ultrasound treatments, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, and manual therapy. China-Gel is available from your favorite distributor in retail and treatment sizes.

Company Info

China-Gel, Inc.
501 W. Golf Rd.
Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Phone: (800) 898-4435
Fax: (847) 364-5460
Email: [email protected]

Product Categories

Lotions/Creams & Gels, Topicals

Product Showcase

Topical Pain Reliever Now Available In Color Free Version

China-Gel, Inc. has added to their topical pain reliever line by introducing China-Gel White, a color free version of the popular topical pain reliever. Featuring the same great herbal formula only without any dye, China-Gel White will be available in all of the current sizes.

"Based on requests from medical professionals and patients who use the product, we decided to launch a color free version of the original formula," stated Justin Toups, Marketing Manager, China-Gel. "We are delighted with opportunities to provide medical professionals the products they want, so they, in turn, can provide the necessary care for their patients. The original green formula will continue to be available as well."

Developed by a chiropractor, China-Gel is an herbal topical pain relieving gel that incorporates modern technology with ancient pain relieving concepts of Chinese medicine. Resembling a fine hand cream, it spreads on evenly and then absorbs completely into the skin without staining clothing or needing to be wiped off because there is no greasy residue left behind. It has a pleasant and soothing lavender/menthol fragrance on application that ultimately becomes odorless as the gel is absorbed.