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Buyer's Guide > Electrotherapy > Core Products International

Core Products International

Company Profile

Core Products International is proudly manufacturing and distributing professional quality health care products in the USA. Core's product line includes orthopedic pillows, orthopedic supports and braces, hot and cold therapy products, electric and therapeutic massage products, and electrotherapy devices. Founded in 1988 with the vision of making people's lives more comfortable.

Company Info

Core Products International
808 Prospect Avenue
Osceola, WI 54020

Phone: (877) 249-1251
Fax: (715) 294-2622
Email: [email protected]

Product Showcase

ThermaCore Packs And Covers

Core Products® new ThermaCore® Packs deliver moist heat to relax sore muscles prior to professional treatment. Available in multiple sizes, ThermaCore Packs can also be used on the back, neck, and extremities to help relieve pain from arthritis, bursitis, backaches, sprains and strains, muscle soreness, and headaches.

"The therapeutic moist heat radiating from these packs is more effective at providing deep penetrating heat to tissue than conventional heat packs," explains Philip Mattison, president and founder of Core Products International, Inc.

ThermaCore Packs should be heated in 160°F (71°C) water for at least 20 minutes prior to application to the desired area. Each product also features convenient, color coded tabs to ensure that fully heated packs are available at any time.

"We wanted clinics to be able to integrate the ThermaCore line into their existing procedures as seamlessly as possible," says Mattison, "The packs can be stored indefinitely in a heating unit, always ready for use. The colored tabs simply provide a visual indicator for pack rotation."

To ensure maximum effectiveness and patient safety, ThermaCore Packs should be placed in a protective cover before use. ThermaCore Pack Covers, also available from Core Products, are available in sizes to complement the ThermaCore Packs, allowing professionals to vary the heat intensity by adding or removing layers of insulation. For moderate application of moist heat therapy, Core Products also offers foam lined ThermaCore Pack Covers.

In addition to ThermaCore Packs, Core Products offers a broad variety of innovative pillows and positioning products, support cushions, back belts, hot and cold therapy, and handheld massagers.

Wireless And Wearable TENS For Pain Control

The WiTouch Wireless TENS is a wireless, remote controlled pain device incorporating TENS technology to specifically target low back pain. The WiTouch is FDA cleared for over the counter sale making it a perfect retail item for your practice. The Wi Touch is also easy to use as it operates on a 30 minute pre-programmed treatment cycle leaving the patient with a simple hand held remote that is used to control the intensity of the treatment. The thin, light-weight design of the unit also makes it ideal for extended and even all day wear under clothing. The patient simply uses the convenient remote to launch treatments throughout the day as necessary.

The WiTouch compares very favorably in value to the cheaper, semi-disposable units that are now being sold in chain drug stores. The WiTouch is made in the U.S.; is engineered for years of rugged use; has extended battery life; includes a more economical gel pad solution; and boasts a larger treatment area and a higher milliamp output than the smaller drug store units.

The Wi Touch also comes with an eye catching retail display as well as a good supply of patient "point of sale" informational brochures in each case of 6 units. Core Products International is the exclusive master distributor of the WiTouch in the U.S. For more information as well instructional and marketing videos visit them online at

Discover The Difference In Support Pillows

The new Tri-Core® ComfortZone Pillow with Outlast® technology actively regulates temperature to keep you within the optimal temperature range for restful sleep. Outlast material contains Thermocules that manage the buildup of heat by absorbing excess heat when it gets too warm and releasing it back when you cool down. This unique technology was originally developed for NASA to protect astronauts in space. The ComfortZone has the same great orthopedic benefits as the original Tri-Core, including proper neck support.

Core Products CorPak line of Hot & Cold Therapy Packs comes in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate any body part or budget. All CorPaks are made with a unique, long-lasting, biodegradable fill that keeps these packs soft and pliable.

Advise your patients to store in the freezer for convenient "Nature's Aspirin" ready-to-go cold therapy or microwave for radiating hot therapy. As is the case for all Core Products, CorPaks come with a Satisfaction Guarantee. Soft Comfort CorPaks have a gentle cloth covering and can be used directly on the skin. The Dual Comfort CorPaks allow patients to choose either fast-release or slow-release therapy. Perfect for the cost-conscious consumer, the new Basic Comfort CorPaks have an economical, plastic covering. For more information contact a Core Products Distributor, visit or call 800-365-3047.

Massagers For Pre And Post Adjustment

For pain sufferers, Jeanie Rub massagers from Core Products present a comfortable alternative to more traditional massagers. These massagers, formerly known as Morfam Jeanie Rub massagers, offer a soothing, oscillating massage action designed to relax muscles, reduce stress and stimulate circulation for all body types and sizes. They do not use the jabbing or pounding motions found in some massagers. They provide a comfortable, deep penetrating massage delivered via a premium cushioned vinyl pad. Due to their in-home and clinic use, Jeanie Rub massagers are some of the most widely used handheld therapeutic massagers. They can be used as a full body massager or just simply as a muscle massager or leg massager for both therapy and relaxation. They are made for single or two-person use and can be used anywhere on the body. Jeanie Rub massagers are available in two models: single speed and variable speed. There are accessories that you can use with the massager to provide more of a targeted trigger point for intense massage.

The Jeanie Rub Massager #3400 is a single-speed massager that provides consistent massage at 3240 rpm and a four point orbital, oscillating massage therapy action. It is the more standard and practical of the two models. The Jeanie Rub Massager #3401 provides variable speeds and allows you more control in adjusting the speed, which ranges from 1400 to 4600 rpm. It gives you the option of increasing the intensity of the penetration on certain spots and decreasing the intensity on the more sensitive areas of the body.

The accessories that are available to use with the Jeanie Rub Massager #3401 further enhance the relief from the pain and tension. The three-piece accessory kit features the single point attachment for deep pressure point massage; the side-to-side adjustable double point, which is ideal for the soft tissues around the spinal column; and the adjustable U-shaped extremity pad that is designed for general massaging around the neck, arms, legs and ankles.

Free Retail Display For CorPak Hot/Cold Packs

Core Products is now offering a special, new CorPak Hot/Cold package. The package includes: 1) A free display that will educate your patients on the use of hot and cold therapy, generating sales and profits. 2) Professional-grade quality packs offering frost-free use and rugged construction allowing for packs that last longer. 3) When you buy 15 CorPaks you get an additional unit included free.

Core Products 6" by 10" soft-cloth-covered hot and cold pack offer frost-free applications. Hot/cold therapy consists of alternating heat and cold therapy on the injury or area of pain. It is also known as contrast therapy.

Hot and cold packs can greatly ease patients' pain and swelling. And educating your patients on when to use heat versus cold therapy can aid in their wellness. But, not all cold/hot packs are equal; the least-expensive hot/cold packs are not always the best option for you or for your patients. Cheaper versions may have toxic contents and leak earlier than a higher quality hot/cold pack. CorPak brand hot/cold packs also hold therapeutic temperatures longer than some other packs and contain non-toxic fillings.

If you wish to sample a 6" by 10" for free, go to and fill out a brief survey or visit to see Core Products entire product line. For the free retail offer, visit online at or call 877-249-1251.