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Buyer's Guide > Computer Software > Digital Spine Diagnostics

Company Info

Digital Spine Diagnostics
4005 Lost Creek Dr
Plano, TX 75074

Phone: (866) 608-4373
Email: [email protected]

Product Categories

Computer Software, X-Ray

Product Showcase

Revolutionary X-ray Analysis Service

Digital Spinal Diagnostics’ digitizing service company uses the high tech DXAnalyzer Professional© Computer Aided Digitizing Software. The company attends to the paramount concern of the Chiropractor to identify permanent spinal ligament injuries and misalignments while documenting these findings using state of the art objective based outcome assessment peer reviewed technology to assist in designing an objective based treatment plan. DXAnalyzer Professional software has the ability to test inter- and intra-examiner reliability while the software has been tested to be accurate to 0.0023mm; assuring that injured patients receive some of the best digital spinal analysis available. Other digitizing service software calculations round up to 0.3 mm or are hand marked and generally use the AMA Guidelines to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, 4th Edition only. DXAnalyzer Professional software can perform according to the AMA Guides 4th, 5th, and 6th Editions as each edition requires different verbiage and algorithmic calculations to determine impairment. DXAnalyzer Professional software can measure lateral shift of Atlas on Axis in millimeters during A/P lateral bending and the Center of Gravity Line. The software program can import any known form of X-ray, including Videofluoroscopy/DMX and digital D.I.C.O.M filmless X-ray. Full color digital reports establish a blueprint of the patient’s injuries for Report of Findings and can automatically produce a Digital Radiographic Biomechanical Report in a narrative format after printing of the Mensuration Report to provide objective rationale for treatment. The software program produces a facsimile of the patients’ X-ray image and applies Mensuration line drawing analysis “Overlays” on the printed Spinographic report. Performing these line drawing analyses by hand lacks accuracy and reliability. Digital Spinal Diagnostics also provides free computer interface technology. Go to and download the DXLite or call 866-608-4373.