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Buyer's Guide > Computer Software > ForteEMR - a division of Forte Holdings, Inc

ForteEMR - a division of Forte Holdings, Inc

Company Profile

FortéEMR, the fully certified chiropractic EMR, will change your practice. Change is not always easy, but using ForteEMR is. ForteEMR centers around f4 major business improvements: creating faster and more accurate notes and documentation; optimizing and increasing billing revenue; protection against the growing risk of audits; ability to have a truly paperless office. Packages include software, one-on-one training, and tech support meaning no interruption in business. Gain peace of mind knowing your practice is a step ahead and prepared for the challenges facing the chiropractic profession today.

Company Info

ForteEMR - a division of Forte Holdings, Inc
5137 Golden Foothill Parkway Ste 110
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

Phone: (800) 456-2622
Fax: (916) 673-1330
Email: [email protected]

Product Categories

Computer Software

Product Showcase

FortéEMR Combines All Of The Features You Need

EMR is the fastest growing trend in the healthcare market today. FortéEMR combines all of the features you need in an EMR system but with the ability to truly customize the software around your practice not having to change your practice to accommodate your software.

FortéEMR is a chiropractic specific solution and has many different features and benefits. At its essence it is designed to bring 4 major business improvements to your practice. 1) Faster and more accurate notes and documentation. 2) Optimized and increased revenue from your billings. 3) Protection against the growing risk of audits. 4) The ability to have a truly paperless office.

This certified EMR solution can be added to your practice for a few thousand dollars and the price includes all the initial setup and training which enables you to start using it right away. It can be used as a stand-alone or in conjunction with a half-dozen of the most popular billing and practice management systems on the market, such as Chiro8000 and ChiroSoft.