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Buyer's Guide > Testing > Kennebec Inc

Kennebec Inc

Company Profile

Proof Preferred is an outcome assessment system that proves medical necessity and easily tracks patient progress with range of motion and/or strength testing. Produces objective documentation with a single click. Configure your system with these building blocks: wireless dual inclinometer, wireless dynamometer, progress reports, PI reports. New features constantly added.

Company Info

Kennebec Inc
107 Ross Creek Lane
Venetia, PA 15367

Phone: (412) 278-2040
Email: [email protected]

Product Categories


Product Showcase

Kennebec’s Proof QuikScreen Helps Attract New Patients

Proof Preferred is now offering Proof QuikScreen, a portable rapid screening and marketing tool to assess potential patients in seconds. (It is compatible with Windows® and Apple® products.) Clinics can use their existing dual inclinometer or goniometer to take single measurements for up to three tests and produce a one-page summary report that compares the readings with the normal range of motion, as per the AMA Guidelines. This customizable, quick assessment package may be used at Chamber of Commerce events, shopping malls, conventions, trade shows, seminars or other similar events to attract new clients by providing the patient with a detailed printout of any limitations or restrictions.

Other systems in the Proof Preferred line of products include functional assessment software packages that are offered as a complete system (hardware and software) or individually. Detailed session reports compare different test dates, and also compare patient measurements to the AMA-guideline normal range of motion. Proof Preferred’s objective documentation can be used for insurance reimbursement, personal injury supporting documentation, and patient education. Their premium system levels include three different narrative reports. All software systems are compatible with Hoggan’s or Kennebec’s wireless or USB-wired dual inclinometer and/or dynamometer.